our-storyCremalat Cheese started with humble beginnings in 1993 from Claudio and Margaret Giustizieri, both of Italian origin and extremely passionate for Italian food.

This story started at the Michael Mount Organic Market in Bryanston, with a small stall selling cheeses.

By-word-of-mouth the business slowly grew around the Italian community through out Johannesburg and Pretoria. Day-by-day, the demand of Italian products grew so Claudio and Margaret decided to expand their lines by importing others Italian products such as cold meats, coffee, pasta, tomatoes, water, wine and olive oil and much more.

Eventually a new premises was bought in 1996 in Kensington. The new venue became a point of reference for the variety of cheeses and Italian products that were distributed through Johannesburg and Pretoria and also a very well equipped delicatessen was added to the business.

The small business grew quickly and Claudio and Margaret employed 15 staff to meet the demand.

After 5 years the Kenstington premises were out grown and the Cremalat Cheese factory as it is today was established in the Bedfordview area (Greenhill Industrial Estate)

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Another success that was accomplished by Claudio and Margaret was the in house restaurant La Cucina at Cremalat in 2010. Claudio Giustizieri tragically passed away in 2012 and Margaret carried on their dream. After 23 years from the small stall at the Bryanston market, Cremalat Cheese, employs 50 staff, has 2 Deli (Johannesburg & Pretoria) and export their Italian Food products not only thought South Africa but to 13 Sub Saharan countries.